A Tribute to Captain Jack O'Neill
Bob Bahler hosted this event at his home in San Diego.
USS Floyd B. Parks/Mini Reunion/November 8, 2003

San Diego, CA
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Message from Keith Knoblock:

San Diego, California, was the site of a mini reunion November 8, 2003. Hosted by Bob Bahler at his beautiful home, the event was planned as a surprise to honor Captain Jack O'Neill commanding officer of the Parks 1960-1962. The 2003 USS Floyd B. Parks reunion at Charleston, SC, was dedicated to Captain O'Neill, but because of health considerations he was unable to attend. Seven shipmates who served under Jack's command were able to attend the San Diego gathering.

The festivities commenced with a luncheon flawlessy and beautifully prepared by Bob Bahler for the eight shipmates and six spouses who were in attendance. Following the luncheon Keith Knoblock chaired the formal presentation ceremony. Brief comments were followed by a video of Keith's Charleston presentation prepared by Tandy Carter, and the formal presentation of the plaque to Captain O'Neill. Captain O'Neill eloquently expressed his appreciation to the Floyd B. Parks Association and its founder, Robby Robbins, for everybody's friendship, consideration, and thoughtfulness.

The afternoon was spent reminiscing, catching up on each other's lives and relating sea stories which become more unbelievable with each telling. To top off this eventful day, the talented and organized Bob Bahler returned to the kitchen and produced another feast.

Unfortunately, it was not possible for all shipmates to attend this gala event, but be assured you were all in our thoughts.

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